#TinaTurner deserves #Grammy #AchievementAward more than anyone…

#TinaTurner deserves #Grammy #AchievementAward more than anyone else! Watch why on #TINABlog

From the very reliable CNN to Rolling Stones going through Billboard, TINA has made worldwide headlines earlier this week when it was announced that the Queen of Rock would be among the 2018 recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

TINA to receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

BREAKING: #TinaTurner to receive #Grammy #LifetimeAchievementAward in 2018! 🏅💃

We were all waiting to see what kind of surprises 2018 would offer and it started earlier today with the statement released by the Recording Academy indicating that Tina Turner would be among the recipients of the 2018 Grammy Lifetime Acheviement Award!

Marking the Grammy’s 60th ceremony but also Tina’s 60th Anniversary in the music business, it was the year it was supposed to happen. Ten years…

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2018, a very TINA year

2018: A year for every #TinaTurner fans to look forward to! Read more on TinaTurnerBlog!

Tina Turner Live London 2007

What would have little Anna Mae thought some 70 years ago back in Nutbush if someone had told that many moons later, her life and career would be celebrated worldwide? I was recently showing footage of Tina to a friend who isn’t familiar with Tina’s work and while watching the rocker arrival on stage in Amsterdam back in 1996 he declared in awe ‘She is like a Queen’. And although I had used the…

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