Ten years ago, back in May 2008, Tina Turner surprised the world and her fans when it was announced…

Ten years ago, back in May 2008, Tina Turner surprised the world and her fans when it was announced that she would be back on tour one last time after an 8-year hiatus. Encouraged by her good friends Giorgio Armani and Sophia Loren, the idea grew in Tina’s mind until she gave up and started preparing for what would be become her ‘50Th Anniversary Tour‘.

And when you are a beloved legendary performer like TINA, your name is enough to sell tickets hence a very short promo tour and no new album. A performance with Beyonce at the 50th Grammy Awards ceremony and an appearance on Oprah with Cher would be sufficient to sell out the tour in the USA.

Today a look back at this period some ten years later with a 20-minute radio interview in which TINA talks about what she did during her 8 years of retirement and how she got to back on tour. The singer also opens on Amy Winehouse and her own past story. Plus some 9 minutes video footage from a TV interview TINA did with E! during the tour pre-production.

Tina Turner – 2008 Promo Interview with David Jensen (20 minutes)

10 years ago back in May 2008, #TinaTurner surprised the world when she announced on @Oprah that she would back for one last major tour after an 8-year hiatus! Relive those exciting times with a new article! 💃 #TinaTheMusical #MyTina

Ten years ago, back in May 2008, Tina Turner surprised the world and her fans when it was announced that she would be back on tour one last time after an 8-year hiatus.

Magic TINA

Magic #TinaTurner! Holly Knight just revealed she wrote a new song for TINA! Will the Queen of Rock go back to the studio one last time!? Listen to the newly broadcast special now! ‘Tina Turner: The Best’ 👇🏼 #TinaTheMusical #MyTina

Magic Radio UK just broadcasted a great special entitled Tina Turner: Simply The Best!

With a female cast only and specials guests such as Lisa Stansfield, Adrienne Warren, P.P Arnold and Holly Knight the show is full of fun anecdotes and even rare bits of interview with TINA herself. But the big bomb comes at the end with a stunning revelation from Holly Knight (writer of The Best among many…

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NEW TINA Documentary Coming Soon

BREAKING: NEW #TINATURNER Documentary to go into production this summer! More Details on http://tinaturnerblog.com #TINATheMusical #MyTINA

Breaking news this morning with a big announcement! A new Tina documentary will go into production this summer! Erwin bBach, record producer Turner’s partner and husband will executive produce alongside Tali Pelman of Stage Entertainment with launched the stage show TINA The Musical!

From Variety:

Tina Turner’s tumultuous rock’n’roll life will be told in feature-doc form for the first time with…

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TINA: ‘My Love Story’ – Order Now!

TINA, ‘My Love Story’ – Order Now!
Discover the cover of #TinaTurner’s upcoming biography & New Footage from the Queen Of Rock! @dominikwichmann @AtriaBooks #MyLoveStory #TinaTurnerBook
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Tina Turner - My Love Story

You read about it before and today it is time to reveal more about Tina’s upcoming biography ‘My Love Story’. Written in collaboration with Dominik Wichmann and Deborah Davis, the book will be out this October! Until then, you can already pre-order ‘My Love Story’ and watch TINA talk about the project with Mr Wichmann.

Love’s got everything to do with it. Tina Turner is the Queen of Rock `n’…

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Queen Of Rock

A new @YouGov poll establishes @LoveTinaTurner as the Ultimate Queen Of Rock! 🙌🏻👑💃 #TinaTheMusical #TinaTurner #MyTina Read more here 👇🏾

According to a new poll from YouGov, more than two-thirds of Americans have a positive opinion of Tina Turner making her the highest ranked female Rock singer and definitely imposes her as the ultimate Queen of Rock!

The Best is what Tina Turner demanded, and she seems to have earned it. According to new data from YouGov Ratings, Tina Turner is the third highest rated female music artist, with…

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TINA On The BBC! #TinaTurner was the guest of @grahnort this morning! Listen here 👇🏼 #TINATheMusical #TinaTurner #MyTINA

This morning Tina Turner was the guest of Graham Norton on the BBC2 radio. Promoting the newly opened TINA, The Musical, the Legend is joined by Tali Pelman and together they talk about their meeting and the creative process behind the musical. The last time TINA was on the air was 2009 when she spoke via telephone from Zurich to Deepak Chopra about the release of the first Beyond album.


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TINA The Musical: Press Roundup

TINA The Musical: Press Reviews! The public and the press loves @TINATheMusical! Lots of 5⭐️ and great reviews! Roundup with photos and videos here 👇🏼 #MyTina #TinaTurner #TinaTheMusical

Last Tuesday, Press Night for TINA, The Musical took place at the Aldwych Theatre in London and most of the reviews are now out! You can read Sjef’s report of the first preview here, my review will come later. I wish I could have reported on the press night myself but I never got a reply from the last Musical Team’s email they sent regarding promotion. I understand this event was probably too big…

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